Monday, April 29, 2013

In the Home Stretch!

I am really happy to announce that we received a phone call this afternoon letting us know that the boys' information was submitted to the passport phase of the process. We are truly in the home stretch now! The remaining steps of the process involve working out the details of allowing them to leave Haiti and enter the US!!! 

This portion of the process varies in length, but lately it has been running roughly one month. Then our paperwork will be submitted to USCIS which is the US government department that processes the Visa and does the medical evaluation and Visa appointment just prior to the boys coming home. The Visa portion of the process takes any where between 10 days and 3-4 weeks.

This means that we will likely be traveling to get the boys at the soonest in late June or sometime shortly after that barring any unforeseen roadblocks. We are hoping for a summer transition for them so it won't be such a temperature shock. Plus it would be nice to spend part of the summer at home with all of the kids, adjusting to a family of seven all together! Maybe we could even squeeze in a Minnesota road trip with the whole family! That would be some pristine bonding time! 

Please continue to pray for us as we journey onward. I would be lying to say that there isn't any anxiousness surrounding this transition, but I must admit that it is no more or less than when we added each of the current DeWit kiddos into the family. It is a transition whenever the make-up of the family changes...and it will require some time to adjust. However, prayers will make that process much smoother, I have NO DOUBT!! 

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in following along on this adventure. We are all thrilled that the adoption is nearing its final stages!

Praise God for a smooth road so far!
Happy Dancing!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conquered MOI!!

I am happy to announce that on April 17th, we officially moved out of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) stage of the process and are prepared to move on the the next stage. The next stage is passports, and we are hoping that this next week sometime we will hear that our paperwork has entered. Basically at this stage in the process all we have left is passports and then getting everything lined up for their Visas. I know that there are several substeps...but it is nice to be able to lump the remaining portions of the process into just two main steps. I guess that we are almost there! I can't hardly believe it. I know that some days it feels like we have been at this forever, but other days, it feels like it will be over with before we know it! We can't wait for real life to begin.

Craig and I went on a get-away to Las Vegas about a week ago and had a nice time together. He had a work convention, and while he was busy with exploring the convention center, I took several hours gathering together the information and photos that I need to begin the twins' Life Books. A life book is basically a baby book for adopted children. It not only contains photos of the child but it also includes information about why the adoptive parents chose to adopt, why from that country, information about the birth family, pages about the orphanage and their life before the adoption and then the information about the transition for that child. I know that once the twins come home, I won't get a spare moment to work on their albums for quite some time, so I am trying to get a jump start on the process now. I opened the albums up tonight and placed the pages into each album. It is always hard to get started, but I am excited.

We received an update on the boys this week. They are doing well and got to do a special art project out on the front porch of the orphanage. They got to finger paint and I am going to include some of the photos from their fun! So cute!

So please join with us in praying that their paperwork enters the passport process this week. Rumor has it that in about a week the passport department is going to shut down for roughly a week for a construction project. The timing is a bit of a nuisance, but God can do amazing work. If we are meant to be patient as the construction process happens, then we will have to do that....please help us pray for patience! We know that timelines in Haiti aren't always clear and one week could become more, but we are hopeful still.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, love and support as we journey down this road. It has been such a blessing knowing that we are lifted up along the way. It has also been so fun over the last few weeks as the team we traveled to Haiti with has begun to share more with the congregation about our trip. We have begun to determine what the Lord would have our congregation do in the form of missions in Haiti. We are going to partner with Mission Haiti to sponsor an entire school! It is one of the schools that I did a medical clinic at when I was in Haiti on my first trip. Awesome! Nothing like witnessing the Hands and Feet of Christ firsthand! The Lord moves in such amazing ways!

I hope to be able to send another update later this week to tell you all about entering passports...but until then...let the praying begin!

Patiently waiting,