Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excerpt taken from Rebecca’s Journal—March 5, 2011

So much has happened since I last wrote…hard to believe that it has already been five months. Time goes by so quickly. When I returned…the emotions were still so much on the surface. The experience was truly like none other in my life. Pivotal…we just didn’t know in what direction we were pivoting. Time and prayer has enabled us to understand where God’s plan is leading us more clearly now.
There is something that twists in the soul when a beautiful child with deep brown, dusty feet and tattered clothes reaches out and not only grasps the hand, but also the heart. That is how I felt with each of the kids I met on the journey in Haiti.
Over time…that grasping of our heart has turned into an ache. One that grows even more painful as the days pass. We have come to understand that this ache must be the Holy Spirit firmly nudging us in the direction of adoption.
We had wondered if our lives would move in this direction even before our trip…but now we are certain. We have been doing some research on agencies and have decided to go through Lutheran Social Services.
At first we were given several different bits of information about the requirements to adopt from Haiti and one of the requirements was that the adoptive family could not have more than two biological children. It was a bit emotional at first, but we discovered that there is a Presidential Dispensation that can be filed with the Haitian government that will allow us to adopt even though we have three children already.
I can’t wait for everything to fall into place and know that it will be another journey. I pray that the Lord will continue to prepare my heart for this transition. I pray that my strength and patience will be sufficient with the Lord’s help to journey through the months ahead. I also pray that He be with the children we will adopt and those caring for them.

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