Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paperwork Arrives in Haiti

We received a Fed Ex tracking number when our paperwork was sent off to Haiti. Craig checked on it yesterday and our paperwork was supposed to arrive in Haiti then. He found out that it actually arrived there on Saturday! Christmas Eve!!! Praise the Lord! How exciting to know that our paperwork has traveled the distance and is now being considered for a match.

We sat at the computer last night going through the links available at the For His Glory website. It was exciting to look at the beautiful children on the videos and pictures knowing that the children that will be chosen for us could very likely be those beautiful children on the website. We are so excited to be paired with the children that will be chosen for us.

It was exciting to read a bit more about the orphanage as well. They teach classes from 9am to 4:30 each day and it is taught in English...so the language transition might be a bit simpler than we anticipated. The web also talks about how important their Bible studies are and I am excited to know that our children will already have a spiritual foundation as well!

It was eleven o'clock before we were able to pry our eyes from the screen. We encourage you to look at the website to pray over these beautiful children along with us. As soon as we receive our referral or any other updates...we will be sure to pass the information along!

Blessings continue to come!

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