Sunday, November 4, 2012

Exiting IBESR...Finally!!! Hello Parquet!

Craig indicated that we had some additional information...and I will try to share exactly what is going on now. I was out on a walk in the afternoon of November 1st with the dog and I got a call from CAN. Kristy informed us that she had received information that we had exited IBESR (part of the Haiti government's adoption agency)! Praise God! We are moving on to the next step in the process. There are still many steps left to go as I indicated in the last blog...but one more is done and that means so much to us! So now we will begin the Parquet portion of the process. (Pronounced Parkay :) Like the margarine!) Please continue to pray for us that the patience would be ongoing through this process.

Please also pray in earnest this week as we try to finalize plans for a combined mission trip along with a visit to see the boys in February or March for both Craig and I. Pray for God to move mountains so this will work. Two flights to Haiti is much less expensive than four if we can combine the two trips!!! If we cannot do this, we will likely have to divide up and head to Haiti separately. I will go to see the boys and Craig will go on the Mission trip. We would love to do BOTH TOGETHER.  I just can't imagine how bittersweet it would be to hold my boys without Craig there to do the same. My heart hurts just thinking about it. I would also be heartbroken not to get to see the kiddos at So...please pray. We will update when we know what we are able to arrange. God is so powerful...but I must believe that His timing and plan is always greater than my own.

Thank you for your continued prayers...we can definitely feel them!

Praising a God that manages the details!

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