Thursday, November 21, 2013

Keep on Praying....

I sat down tonight to clean up a few emails and went to delete all of the spam documents and happened to see our new adoption counselor's name in the list just before hitting delete! I quickly entered the message and about flipped out. I saw the letters USCIS and my eyes immediately filled with tears...

Unfortunately it is only fantastic news for one of our twins. Here is the message:


Hi Rebecca and Craig,

I wanted to let you know that Maison has informed me that Elysées (Judah's) file is being dropped off at USCIS today!  They had all of his documents, and they were being delivered as this morning.

As for Elie (Elijah), his birth certificate was never registered, so Maison is having to go through some additional steps to get that fixed.  This is not unusual in the case of twins with similar names, it is just very unfortunate.  However, Maison doesn't expect there to be a long delay, and the problem has been being worked on for some time now.  (9 weeks)

As soon as Elie's file is complete, Maison will take it to USCIS as well.  I will certainly keep you up-to-date as we learn more!


So, not exactly what we were hoping for, but at least the staff is aware of the situation and actively working on it and one of our precious sons is about 6-7 weeks away from his Visa! Today my heart felt so heavy...tears so close. Such frustration in the midst of hope. A truly strange feeling. Difficult but such a blessed feeling. I am certain we are right where God wants us right now.

I listened to a message on AM radio last week and the speaker said that right when you feel like you are about to give up or are on the edge of something beautiful! God is creating a beautiful story in our lives, and who am I to question the timing of each moment.? I trust the Lord to put the pieces together perfectly, and we are more than willing to be His servants. I can't wait to love these boys for Him.

I hope that none of the words that I share on this blog ever deter people questioning whether adoption is in their future from moving forward with the process. This situation is difficult, challenging, stretching, heartbreaking and beautiful beyond words. Let me say that again...beautiful beyond words. I can't even begin to grasp the way that this adoption and Haiti in general have touched our souls and the future of our family. May God use us to create something beautiful, much bigger than we are alone and more than I ever could have ever dreamed.

Please continue to pray. We are on the edge. I can just feel it! I can almost feel my babies in my arms...

Filled with hope,

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