Friday, January 25, 2013

Accreditation Issues

 We received our January Update last week (January 16th) and were given some sweet pictures of the boys. I hope you enjoy the adorable photos I put onto this update...!!! We were also given the updates on their growth. It was fantastic to hear that the boys are well and that they are continuing to grow!

Judah Elysee
birth date:   5-Oct-2011
weight:    10.50 kg--23.1 pounds
height:     75.0 cm--29.5 inches
head circumference:    46.5 cm--18.3 inches

Elijah James
birth date:    5-Oct-2011
weight:   10.40 kg--22.9 pounds
height:    74.0 cm--29.1 inches
head circumference:    46.5 cm--18.3 inches

We also received a bit of information about the progress on our adoption. We are still in Parquet but our judgement has been granted! We have now moved on to second legalization! We are so pleased that we keep on progressing!

There was also an update on the transition to the Hague Convention. Haiti is transitioning its adoptions to follow the Hague Convention. This means that they will begin following a whole new set of rules...and one of the first changes involves identifying which adoption agencies they are willing to work with. They identified that they were going to find 4 or 5 agencies. Then all adoptions from Haiti will have to go through those agencies. When we received our update...our agency still did not know if they were going to be considered accredited.
We went to an adoption support group on the next evening and felt like all was right in the world...and so encouraged by the other international adoption stories that people were sharing at the meeting. It was made very clear to us, however, that most of the couples had several ups and downs along the way. I began to wonder when our next down would be, and I prayed for God's strength for when that would happen. I never dreamed that it would happen the next day.

In the afternoon on January 18th, I received an email from Children of All Nations that indicated that they had not been selected to be accredited under the Hague Convention. They were unsure of why they were not selected and wrote that they plan to appeal. They are trying to find out exactly what this change means for all of their families that are in process with an adoption from Haiti. This information hit me really hard. There were many tears initially, and I am so thankful for a fabulously positive husband and a sweet thoughtful friend that were there for me just when I needed them. I gathered myself...and realized once again how invested this mama's heart is. I suppose those tears are something to be thankful for because they speak to the love that I have for these handsome boys.

We are still waiting for the update on where this change will lead us. For has led to the CEO and another staff member from our adoption agency to travel to Haiti to lobby for accreditation. We will be sure to update this blog with the latest as soon as we hear it. We appreciate your prayers for peace as we wait for clarity. We would love to finish our adoption with Children of All Nations...please pray that this would be possible. We have had a great experience with them. If for some reason this is not possible...please pray that we are able to maintain our referral and will be able to transition to another agency in a smooth and seamless manner. Thank you so much for your love and support! We are so richly blessed!

Waiting for word,


  1. Such a great collage of your blessed boys. We are praying for you fervently, that God will move this new mountain and quickly find a way for your boys, and others, to get with their forever family! You and Craig are such an example of obedience, patience, and trusting in the Rock that stands firm.

    "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." Deuteronomy 31:8

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    My husband, Kevin, and I are praying for you and your family! We found your blog the other morning and it has been such a blessing. We are so thankful for your posts, and will check back often!

    Layla :)