Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's In a Name????

We are happy to announce that the twins officially have a new last name tonight!!! The adoption decree was finalized on 1/25/13 and we were notified today that they were formally given our last name. In the country of Haiti, our adoption is officially final! Unfortunately that does not mean that the journey home is over...it just means that there are a few steps to get them approval to come home! We are still in the legalization phase of the Immigration Process and will be notified when we enter the next phase of the process. Currently we are in a phase unofficially called "limbo." The next phase is called MOI (Ministry of the Interior). We won't be notified with each legal step...but hopefully this will move quickly. We have been told that MOI is currently taking about 2 weeks...then it is passports and visas!!!

I seriously cannot wipe the smile off of my face tonight. I feel all worked up about this, I am so excited! I chatted on Facebook with some of the other families that are adopting and in the same phase as us...and I asked them how much longer they think this process will take. They said 4-6 months!!!!! WHAT!!!??? I have been telling people about a year still! I need to change my response!! I hope this is right...but it is still speculation. Another family said that they are telling people it will likely be in MAY!!! WHAT???  Crazy excited! Please let it be so!!!

That got me thinking and I could possibly be at home for the summer with my beautiful children all bonding together!!!!! Oh my!! What an adventure! Something to definitely pray for. We were hoping for this all to be wrapped up by next Christmas...but now I have my hopes up for the summer!!!  Hands outstretched and HUGE prayers raised to the Lord!

So the boys are officially Elie DeWit and Elysee DeWit tonight as they are snuggled in their little cribs in baby room 1 at Maison. Unbelievable. I think that there is much in a name. These boys are already adopted into our hearts, but now they are adopted into our name and soon they will be inseparable from our family. Praise the Lord!!!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and petitions on the time frame for our family's benefit! We are so blessed with prayer warriors! God is moving and this is happening!!!

Heart filled with praise,

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