Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adorable Pics of the Boys!!

The last two weeks have been quite difficult. Playing with my kiddos on March 30th, I tore my ACL and underwent reconstruction on May 14th. It has been a rough road with medication issues (allergies and missing prescriptions), nauseousness,low blood pressure, inability to eat and overall weakness. On one of the toughest days, we received several photos of the boys, and I was reminded of how faithful God is.

Ever since the picture of the boys arrived in our email account back in March of 2012, we have been longing for the boys to come home. It is natural for a mother and father to long for this. However, if the boys were home already, I wouldn't have a prayer of keeping up with them on this damaged, but now healing knee. It would be more difficult to rest and heal properly. I continue to long to be with them, but I see the wisdom in God's perfect timing. I am now working hard to regain my function in my knee. It is quite a painful process, but the desire to have our family of seven all together motivates me to work hard despite the pain.

Here are the pictures of the boys that I received on one of the most difficult days. Enjoy!!! The boys' paperwork continues to be in the passport phase of the process. We are anticipating that their passports will be issued sometime soon, however, the department has been shut down for some construction for the last several another delay. Praise God, the boys look happy and healthy in these photos. I just can't believe how quickly they are growing!

Please continue to pray for God's timing in this process and for the healing of my left knee. I have a feeling that they will come home when my knee is better. God is like that! Thank you for your love and support!


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