Saturday, July 6, 2013

Content in God's Timing

Elijah on the right, Judah in the center
We have been so blessed over the last thirty months as we have moved through this adoption process. We have been following the "planned" (expected/previous family's) timelines fairly close and able to move forward with other families going through the same process. There have been little hic-cups here and there, but nothing has been able to shake our confidence. We have been resting in God's timing and have been mostly content through the process of waiting.

I have to admit, however, for this waiting mama, it is getting considerably more difficult the closer we are getting to the end. A few months ago, we clarified the timelines with our agency and other families and it looked like there was a strong possibility that the twins would be coming home this summer! What a huge blessing. We thought that the warm temperatures would be perfect for their transition and that the time at home with our other three would be a fantastic opportunity for some serious bonding to take place.  We talked about the travels that we would make in the later summer...heading out to see family and friends and to share the two new additions to our family. We were filled with excitement and anticipation.

Then the mishaps began...I tore my ACL and lateral meniscus in my left knee while playing at a trampoline park with my kids and underwent surgical repair on May 14th. Healing and therapy began immediately. I found myself filled with patience as I knew there was no way that I would be able to keep up with two charming and energy-filled twin boys. My knee is now allowing me to get around more easily, I am back to work and things are returning to normal. Then in late June, Craig set off for the North Dakota Badlands for some rugged mountain biking with a group of guys and came home with a sprained left wrist. We make quite a pair with my hinged leg brace and his wrist splint. Then last night we were at a local pool enjoying the warm summer night and our 9-year-old daughter, Haley, whacked her head on the wall and two staples later is in one piece. Maybe we should wrap our family in bubble wrap and hole up in the house for a couple of weeks and then the boys will miraculously have their paperwork come together. I suppose that is doubtful.
We entered the passport process on Friday, April 26th. This portion of the process usually takes roughly 2 weeks. July has now begun and we continue to wait for our passports to be issued. That is a total of 10 weeks. We have spoken to our international adoption counselor and there is nothing missing in our paperwork and no reason that they haven't been issued. Yet we continue to wait, as we watch others that were in the same stage of the process move forward. It is a bittersweet portion of the process. 
Elijah rockin' the pink polk-a-dot onesie!

We are passionate about wanting all orphans to be a part of a forever family and it is emotionally moving to know that kids are coming home and united for forever, but it never fails to bring on the tears for me. There is simply an empty ache in my own heart because I know that life is just not yet complete. So I wipe my tears, swallow down the lump in my throat and smile because another lonely child is nestled in his/her family's loving arms.

Craig just said, "I wonder what God is trying to teach us here?" Part of me thinks that the longer we wait and the greater the longing in our hearts gets, the more passionate we will be about loving them with our whole hearts. It will make their homecoming just that much more spectacular. 

Once we get their passports, we will have a 4-6 week (if all goes perfectly) process of waiting for the USCIS-Department of Homeland Security to grant them their Visas. We have been in contact with Senator John Thune and Representative Kristi Noem so they can lobby to get this portion of the process finished up as soon as possible. They are very encouraging and are adoption supporters. The USCIS will also give us I-600 approval which allows us to bring an orphan into the country with an intent to adopt.

The medical approval is the next step, and this is where they will check the twins to see if they have any medical issues that will prevent them from entering the U.S. If they find something, they will be treated for it, but their transition will be delayed. Then the boys will receive their exit letter and we will be invited to bring the boys home!
Elijah on the right, Judah in the center

There is still a possibility that the boys will make it home in late August or September if the process begins to move again and stays on track. It is hard to wait, but every good thing is worth the wait.

So please join us as we continue to pray for the pieces of this puzzle to come together and the beautiful image of a family joined in Christ's love to be displayed. Pray for patience and contentment in God's timing and  for all of the families moving through this process to be given the strength to wait.

Praise God for stretching us through this experience even though it is sometimes painful! May your will be done!

Seeking His blessings,

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