Thursday, October 13, 2011

I-600A Document Completed!

Today I got a text message from Craig informing me that he had been able to contact our social worker at CAN and found out that it was perfect timing to send off our paperwork for the I-600A. This is a document that travels to the Department of Homeland Security to allow the United States government to get started on their portion of giving us approval to move forward with the adoption. It went out in FedEx's hands today to be over-nighted to them. It will likely take two months for us to get the approval from them...but could take up to three months. 

Simultaneously...our Dossier will move out of our hands (hopefully soon) and begin the process of receiving the Haitian government's blessing as well. After arriving home today, Aiden got the mail and we had received the employment letter from my company with the newly corrected notarization! So, we are officially only missing one document and when that arrives...the whole packet will be kissed, photographed, prayed over and placed in the mail!

It feels good to be so close to having the next stage of the adoption begin. This has been a long process...but has not been stressful. I think that God has given us a spirit of contentedness. Each step in the process moves us one step closer and we truly believe that this will only occur in God's why not wait patiently. I pray that the patience will continue. I am sure that there will be anxious moments in the future after we have been paired up with our adoptive children and have to wait to bring them home...but I am already praying for patience for that portion of the adoption.

Please continue to pray for us and more importantly for our adopted children. Also pray for Aftyn, Haley and Aiden as they try to be patient with the process. Pray for wisdom that we will know when to bring our children with us to travel to Haiti to meet their brother(s) and/or sister. Pray that the paperwork processing would go smoothly and that there would be no further unrest in the government of Haiti that would delay its processing. Pray for the Lord to bless all those we come in contact with along the way!

Thank you for your faithfulness and constant prayer!

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