Monday, October 10, 2011

Almost There!

Erin at CAN was able to go through our Dossier items late last week. We heard back from her on Thursday and found out that everything looked good, but we still needed the final version of our psych assessment and two of our reference letters needed to be re-done because of errors that the notaries made. I  guess that we were happy that there were only three items to be reworked. We contacted the three different people to address these issues...and we are beginning to make some headway. Thankfully the psychiatrist was able to finish a new version of our reference letter on Thursday because he left on another mission trip on Friday! Today we received confirmation that the psych assessment letter was acceptable! Hooray! We are looking forward to receiving the last two reference letters so we can send the information in...but it is a blessing to know that we are so close!

It was actually a bit hard to ask for the other two reference letters to be re-done. We so treasure the people that we are asking to do this and know that their lives are incredibly busy. They are graciously working on this for us. 

We are so excited for the Dossier to be put into the envelope and mailed off!!! At the same time we send off the Dossier, we have to send in the US Federal paperwork (I-600A). Then we will be finished with all of the prep work. It has only taken us nine months for this portion of the process!!!

Then the waiting game will begin. We could receive a referral for particular children any time after that point. We continue to pray for our adoptive children multiple times daily. Aftyn, Haley and Aiden are so excited for their new siblings to become a part of our family and they continue to lift them up in prayer as well. It has been such a blessing watching the Lord work in their hearts as they prepare for the changes ahead!

We will be sure to put in an update when the packet is sealed and sent!!!


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