Thursday, September 29, 2011

So close!

Today I found a new computer desktop background that I wanted to share because I think it's so perfect.  What a great prayer/verse... Psalm 10:12
I also found another cool saying/look.

Tonight I scanned in all of our documents for our "2nd Mailer" or Dossier to e-mail to CAN, our international agency, so that they could check them over via e-mail before we physically put them in the mail to send to them in Texas.  This way if there are any changes that need to be made we're not snail mailing documents back and forth. There are 30 check marks we've made for this round of paperwork and pending the final letter from our Psychologist visit on Monday night we'll be done!!!!!!!!  Praise the Lord!

As soon as we hear back from Erin, our Int'l Social Worker, that everything is good to go, we'll have it all in the mail!

Included in the mailing we were required to include pictures that we've had printed of our family and house that will be sent to the orphanage for the kids to have... how cool!  They are below.  Have a great night!  Craig
Bio kids

"The boys' room"  (it now has a bunk bed, but that's OK)

Dining Room

Downstairs living area

"The girls' room"

Upstairs living area

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