Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Six Items Left!!!

Last night, right before turning toward bed, Craig and I sat at the kitchen counter and figured out exactly where we stand on the adoption journey. We have been working so hard to put all of the paperwork in order...and we are finally seeing everything begin to come together. We officially have just six items left on the list! Praise God!!

Amazingly, the most difficult thing left on the list is scheduled to be completed next week on Monday. We will be going in to have a psychological evaluation. Hopefully we will pass with flying colors! I don't think that we are any more dysfunctional than any other married couple! Thankfully.

The rest of the items on the list are basically on their way...or very easy to complete. My employer has a referral letter in the mail and it should arrive any day now. Our Pastor has a referral letter completed and we are going to have a notary meet with him tomorrow to finish that! That is two more items to check off the list.

Another thing we need to do is decide on 4 to 6, 4x6 photos that are a good representation of our immediate family. Hmmm.....thank goodness Craig began the process of going through our thousands upon thousands of pictures to find some good ones. It shouldn't take long now to decide on 4-6 of them and get them printed.

We also had to request some additional copies of LSS's license to be notarized for the Dossier.  Today's email from them said that the notarized copies were in the mail. Woo-hoo!

The last item on the list is to have the final international agency payment (for the Dossier process) prepared and sent off along with the Dossier materials. I just called to clarify on that today and was a bit shocked by the amount. I don't know how I missed the fact that this payment was just around the corner...but life has a way of becoming busy. We know that the Lord will provide and it will come together beautifully.

We fully believe that if the psychologist prepares the documents about our appropriateness for adoption in a timely manner....we could be ready to send in our Dossier as early as the end of next week! I really hope that this will be the case. We have been working on this process since January and it will be wonderful to have our portion of the preparation completed!!!

Thank you again, all of you who have been praying. It has been an incredible journey. It will only become MORE incredible as we move closer to knowing who the Lord is going to add into our forever family. I know that He has the specific children already in mind. I know that they will bless our family in endless ways! Craig and I can't wait to share our hearts with them...and Aftyn, Haley and Aiden talk about how excited they are daily!

Let's hope that my next blog is a celebration that all of the pieces have fallen into place and we have moved onto the next phase of the adoption process... waiting. :)

By God's Grace!

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  1. SO exciting! Praying for these last few details to all come together!