Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Productive Day!!!

I am weary because it is already past my bedtime, but I know that I really should update the blog about the excitement of the day. We were able to arrange a meeting between our medical doctor and a notary today to get some of our paperwork signed. We got our medical reports signed by the MD and notary and also had the notary finish up several other items!

We finished the tax forms, four G-28 forms, power of attorney, release of information and the letter to the IBESR! I know that that means very little to most people...but to us, it means checking off several items on our Dossier "To Do List". We also stopped and got our 6 passport photos completed for the International Agency. They must use them on our documentation. We already have our regular passports.

I will look at the actual list in the next couple of days and update the number of items that we have remaining. The last large item to be completed is the psych exam that we are having completed next Tuesday. After that, the difficult things are all completed and we just have to tie up some loose ends!

I really can't believe that we have moved through this process so quickly. Some days it feels like forever, but for the most part, I am filled with a patience and understanding. I trust that the timing is perfect and that the Lord is providing for two little ones already that will before long be a beautiful part of our family. I can't wait to see/meet them!

Thank you for all of the prayers and support!

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