Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting Even Closer!!!

Today was the scheduled day for our psychological assessment. Craig and I met with the psychologist one at a time tonight starting at 5:30pm. Thankfully he did not come up with any huge indicators that we would not be qualified to meet the needs of an adopted child...or children. So...we are just waiting to have him complete his letters of recommendation and get them notarized and to us! He has already begun his letter and has sent us a draft already!! I think that indicates that it will be completed in the near future.

Over the last few days, we have also received the final copy of the recommendation from our Pastor, my employer and from the Lutheran Social Service representative. That means that once this psych recommendation is received...all we need to do is print 4-6 photos and write out a check.


We are going to make copies of all of the paperwork and also scan it and send the scanned copies off to the CAN International Agency to make sure that we have everything perfect! Once that final look over is completed, we will be able to send it off in the mail! 

We are so excited. There is something special about reaching this stage. I know that the referral could come relatively there is an anticipation that is growing minute by minute, it seems. We have been praying frequently for the children that we will be adopting. That the Lord would protect them. That they would feel loved and as a part of the orphanage family. That they would be learning some English and more importantly about the love of the Lord. That they would be healthy and safe. Please join us in praying for them! As soon as we know more...we will be sure to update all of you! 

We are SO CLOSE now! We know the waiting will continue...but our paper chase will be completed!


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