Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Waiting Begins...

Early last week we were able to send off our paperwork and now the waiting process has begun. I have a few more specifics to help us understand the process from here on. I spoke with Erin and she explained to me the steps to come.

The paperwork is currently at CAN being reviewed by Erin. So far nothing new has come up, but she is reviewing it just in case we missed something when we emailed scanned copies to her.

After she is done with this process, she will send the documents to the states where they were originated. Most of the documents will go to South Dakota but a couple of documents will head to Minnesota. They will be reviewed by the secretary of state in each of these states and will then be "authenticated". It is like a government notarization process. She anticipated that this will take approximately 10 days once the documents arrive there.

The documents will be sent back to CAN and will be put back together again and then sent off to be translated. Once the documents reach translation, the process of converting English to Haitian Creole or French will begin. This is estimated to take approximately 10 days. (I guess they got a new translator and it is going much faster recently.)

The documents will then be sent to the Haitian Consulate in Chicago. Four of the documents will be sent to them for review and approval. They will review the Application Letter, Psychological Study, Home Study and the Power of Attorney. This process is also going faster lately and will likely take 1-2 weeks.

5 Then the documents will head back to CAN again and be put again into the Dossier form to be sent to Haiti. I really am not sure of all of the steps once the documentation reaches Haiti but will update the process in our blog as I learn more.

I have to say that we are especially excited right now as we know that we could receive the referral at any time. Erin says that as soon as she receives the referral, she will contact us within 2 hours. We will then receive information on the children's description, medical information and a photo. We will then be given some time to pray and consider the referral. She said that sometimes people are able to accept the referral by the end of the same day!

We have already received the travel schedule to the orphanage for 2012. If anyone is ever interested in traveling to the orphanage to meet our children or to do a mission trip...please give us a call. We will see what we can arrange for you! It would be wonderful if more of our family/friends could experience the Haitian culture prior to the adoption but we will be sure to share it with the family even if they aren't able to travel there. We will be taking two trips to Haiti but are hoping for three so we can take Aftyn, Haley and Aiden to meet their siblings and to experience Haiti as well.

We will be sure to provide updates as the process moves forward.

Waiting in prayerful anticipation!

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