Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Step Closer...

I am happy to share that I received an email today letting us know that Judah's paperwork has been officially resubmitted to USCIS. That means that the orphanage staff must have gotten the remaining document ready for him. We are grinning from ear to ear happy about this!

Unfortunately, we did not receive an update on the progress towards getting Eli's birth certificate and extract. We are happy though that the progress for Judah means that we will find out if the errors are truly fixed. If they are, then when the birth certificate is received for Eli, there should be nothing standing in the way of issuing those Visas!

I am tired tonight and ready to place my head firmly on the pillow knowing that we are one step closer to the twins being under our roof where they belong!!! Continue to pray! The Lord is hearing every plea and mountains are being moved...I have no doubt!

Resting peacefully,


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