Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Trusting is Difficult

Since my last entry, we have received a number of updates.

We had been considering looking into a new lawyer to assist with our paperwork to help speed the remaining process up. We have been requested to wait until April 7th to allow the director to try to fix the errors and resubmit the paperwork. We have heard that if we hire a lawyer prior to this, we will have to move the boys to a different orphanage. So, we have taken a deep breath and are trying to see where the Lord will lead us.

We then received an update from USCIS.  The US Embassy requested that our orphanage director and his lawyer come to the Embassy to meet with them to discuss a plan for remedying our situation. This appointment was scheduled for the 24th of March, but it appears that they actually met yesterday on the 25th.

We have been informed that after speaking with USCIS, the new orphanage lawyer believes that he can fix our paperwork in the way the Embassy is requiring in approximately two months. Then the paperwork will be submitted to USCIS and will be processed for Visas (for the third attempt.)

The most difficult part of all of this is trusting. Trusting that the lawyer understands what needs to be repaired, trusting that we are a priority at all, trusting that the director has any real plans to finish our adoption and lose his monthly support checks, and most of all trusting that the TWO MONTHS is really TWO MONTHS. We have been informed that the passport process should take 1-2 weeks and ours took 4 months, the process of moving our dossier from passports to the USCIS should take a day and ours has taken over 7 MONTHS! Yes, trusting is difficult.

So Craig and I are spending much time in prayer and are waiting on God's answer for what direction we should go. We are still contemplating whether we should travel to see the boys in the near future. We are also trying to determine if we can trust to move forward with the current lawyer processing this paperwork. We are hoping for a clear answer to this.

I know that we have the God of the Universe on our side! I trust Him completely! He is watching over our boys this very minute as they sleep on their metal bunks in a tiny room in a broken building with a dozen other toddlers and two nannies. I pray that He is moving in the hearts of all of the individuals from the Haitian government and from our orphanage that will need to be a part of piecing all of the remaining documents together. I pray that God would move mountains and this would be completed MUCH faster than 2 months.

I have had an extra dose of patience this week and attribute that to all of your prayers. I am so thankful to you and I love you all so much.

Resting in Truth,

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