Monday, March 10, 2014

We Are Fully Submitted!!!!

After much prayer and a serious dose of patience...we have finally fully made it to the last stage of the process. Elijah's dossier was dropped off at the US Embassy on Thursday, March 6th, 2014!!! We received notification from USCIS today that verified that they have received our documentation and that we are pending final review!!! Anything with the word FINAL in it sounds fantastic! He said that they will advise us as soon as they complete the review. 

I spoke with another Haitian adoptive mom on the phone today to get a few bits of information from her. We talked for about an hour and I was blessed to soak up much wisdom from her. All of the timelines are tentative and will vary on so many little details, but it sounds as though our paperwork could be processed and ready for us to head down to Haiti to pick up the boys in as little as 4 weeks and as many as 10 weeks provided no errors are found in their paperwork!!!!!! I think my heart just skipped a beat just typing those words!

So we talked a lot about the items that we need to bring along with us and how the process will work when we are in Haiti and returning to the US. It is a bit of a complicated process and involves hauling precious paperwork and two precious boys through many checkpoints. I just hope that the jumble of information will begin to make more sense to this scattered mama's brain by then.

It was so fun to talk about the details of bringing them home. We talked about immunizations, toileting, parasites, scars, skin care, hair care, re-adoption, foods to try and about

the general transition process. We will have our hands full, and I couldn't be happier than I am. It is such a joy to be thinking about real life after the boys are home. This wait has been forever and at times it almost seemed as though the wait would never come to an end. Now, the end is truly in sight!

My heart hurts when I think that it has been a full year as of last week since we have held the boys and snuggled them to sleep. We have a room all decorated for them and a closet and dresser filled with clothes. If we would have known that the wait would have been this long, I know that we would have traveled one more time, but the end has always appeared to be just a few weeks we continued to wait. I don't know why, but this must be a part of God's plan.

We will be certain to let you all know when we have verification that the paperwork has been approved! Until that time, continue to pray that the paperwork would be without errors and that the end will draw ever closer! I just can't wait to introduce all of you to these sweet boys!

With a skipping heart,

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